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Key rubber products in the automotive sector include:

  1. Engine Mounting & Damper: Improves vehicle performance and longevity by isolating engine vibrations and reducing noise, ensuring a smoother driving experience.
  2. Anti-Vibration & Sound Insulation Pad: Minimises vibrations and noise within the vehicle cabin, providing passengers with a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.
  3. Electronic Device Cover & Sealing Grommet: Protects sensitive electronic components from contaminants, moisture, and impacts, ensuring the reliability and performance of automotive systems.
  4. Heavy Truck Rear Impact Bumper: Shields the vehicle from potential damage during rear-end collisions, enhancing safety and reducing repair costs.
  5. Wheel Chock for Heavy & Light Vehicles: Secures vehicles in place when parked, preventing unintentional movement and reducing the risk of accidents.

By incorporating these innovative rubber products into vehicle designs, automotive manufacturers can create safer, more comfortable, and efficient vehicles that cater to the demands of today's global market.

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Rubber products play an essential role in vehicle and automotive applications, contributing significantly to the industry's advancements and growth in the global market. With the introduction of new rubber material technologies, manufacturers can produce vehicles that offer enhanced structural safety, comfort, durability, weight control, and cost-effectiveness.

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Vehicle & Automotive